How to Create a Zip File?

How to Create a Zip File:

How to Create a Zip File:

You have encountered this term when dealing with your computer. You have received zipped files and wondered how to operate them. Zipping a file simply means placing one or more files in a compression state. Zipped files are also called archives. There are a number of reasons why a file is zipped.

To reduce file size. You have downloaded a zipped file and after unzipping it grow in size. Zipping uses a mechanism called compression of files. Compressed files are easy to share over the internet through means such as emails.

To prevent it from virus

Zip Files

A zipped file is mostly free from viruses. Worms such as Trojans cannot interfere with such files. They are safe until opened.
Password management. A zipped file is easy to place a password and restrict access. Only the person with the password can operate them or unzip the files.

To operate or make zip file you will need a special compression utility called WinZip or any other similar software. WinZip and other similar software give you the arena to test your zip file, view, extract, add more files, delete files or simply test your files. WinZip is for windows users only. Macintosh users have their compression utility software called MacZip while LINUX and UNIX systems have UnZip.

How to make a zip file on a windows system?

How to make a zip file on a windows system?

It is quite simple and straightforward. All you need to do is to install compression utility software if you don’t have. if you are using a WinZip, open WinZip wizard mode. Click on create a zip file and then hit next. From there WinZip wizard mode will take you through the entire process. If the wizard mode does not open by default, go to “wizard mode” under the toolbar. After familiarizing yourself with WinZip, you can try using classic interface. It will make more tools available for you. This classic interface is complex as you can be able to divide a large file into small zip files.

This is in an effort to overcome size limit when sending files. In this classic mode, you can also be in apposition to view, delete files from a zip, run files in zips, include passwords, plus many more cool features. To go to this mode, just click on the classic mode button inside the wizard mode

To open a zipped file, double-click on it and you can access it. To unzip, open wizard mode and extract the files from the zip. It is a simple procedure and the wizard mode will guide you all through.

How to zip files on a mac?

How to zip files on a mac?

The procedure is not quite different only that you will be using a MacZip. You need to create a folder and then rename the way you want. You can also place multiple files in it too.

Right click on the folder and select Compress. Your compressed/zipped file will be saved in the same location as the original file. If you cannot create a folder, try selecting the multiple files you want to be compressed and then right click to compress. It is the same file.

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