How to Create a GIF?

How to Create a GIF: You probably have come across GIF files on social media and wondered the creativity behind it. Well, today I am going to teach you how to do them. Gif can be made from videos or still images. They increase the liveliness when used in social media, marketing, and other social uses. Gif technology is simple and you can do it on your android phone or on your laptop using software such as Adobe Photoshop.

Animate GIF’s

How to Create a GIF:

Creating GIF on android
You can create gifs using images or videos on your android phone. You can share a section of the video with your friends. All you need is an app called GIFDroid. It is easy to operate and in a matter of seconds, you have your GIF using this procedure.

After launching the app, Press either the Select Video or Record Video button. When you select a video, you will be taken to your gallery.

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Choose the video you want to change into a GIF and adjust the grey bars to highlight the part of the video you want to change into Gif.

Giphy Creation tools:

How to Create a GIF:

Select frames you would like to use. This way you can discard the part there is nothing important happening.
Click on create gif button. You can preview and share your Gif. You can even rename and repeat the procedure to create a new one.

Creating Gif on your computer.
Photoshop is among the best software to make Gif from a video and a picture. It is simple and makes the best GIFs. Use the following procedure to get a Gif.
Download or search for a video you would like to change into a gif. It should be short as Gifs are very brief. And save it on your computer. You can trim it to the right size, 3 or 4 seconds are enough.

How to Create a GIF:

Open the video on Photoshop. Go to File, Import, Video, and frames to layers. You can import the whole video then use the sliders to adjust the frame duration you want.
Adjust settings, such as color balance, tweak the file until you are satisfied and then go to file and click save as. A window will pop up and will prompt you to change the following; color, color balance, dithers, lossy and size.
Color- a Gif is limited to 256 colors and you should drop the value to around 200 or lower.

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Dither- the higher the value the bigger the file. Dither disperses pixels.
Lossy- the lower the number the better.
Size- change the size of the video can significantly affect the size of the file.
Save as Gif and share.

How to make Animated GIF’s:

How to Create a GIF:

When using still images it becomes more fun.
Collect your images and place them into one folder.
Open Photoshop and go to file script menu, and load file from the stack. Then browse the images you want to create Gif with. Then click OK.

You can also create your layers individually by creating a new layer inside Photoshop. Place each layer with a different design. String them up into Gif and then save and share.

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